Artist: DJ Healer
Album: Nothing 2 Loose
Label: All Possible Worlds
Released: April 1, 2018

A1 At Last (Becalming The Storm)
A2 Great Escape
B 2 The Dark
C1 God’s Creation
C2 Untitled
D1 Planet Lonely
D2 Hopes and Fears
E We Are Going Nowhere
F2 Gone
F3 Protectionspell

“Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”James 2:17
“And he came back to find me when I was gone.”

On May 17, 2017 the Prince of Denmark (DJ Metatron, Traumprinz) announced an ambiguous retirement. Nearly a year later, on April 1, 2018, a mysterious website selling new records by the unknown DJ Healer and Prime Minister of Doom launched. Hints made it easy to conclude to whom these monikers belong. Immediately, I paid €57 for the hardware. April 26, 2018 a package from Germany arrives. I greet it with a hardened erection specific to the consumer jubilee of a privileged zealot. Then, I unpack...

“To be everywhere is to be nowhere”—Seneca the Younger

Financial, logistical and technological barriers to recording, releasing and distributing music have crumbled. So, in 2018, why start a record label and release the music in exclusively physical formats?

I feel therefore I am.

According to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, emotions are complex reac- tions the body has to certain stimuli and feelings that occur after the brain becomes aware of physical changes. Feelings and emotion can not exist without the physical being—they arise from and with it. Healing—physical, spiritual, emotional—requires the existence of a physical body.

“ the more he [the spectator] accepts recognizing himself in the dominant images of need, the less he understands his own existence and desires. ”—Guy Debord
“This is my life. Maybe, you know, it was too difficult for me.”

The exponential propagation of images and desires separates us from each other and our self. Relationships with things have replaced relationships with people. Planet Lonely, population: Us. As Facebook and the likes monetize everything we consider ours—family, friendships, opinions, emotions, history—the spectacle grows. We continue to happily map more of ourselves onto digital interfaces and avatars without regard for the consequences. Keep scrolling. Build your identity through in-app purchases. Become a star just stay out of the real world. It’s too risky— you can lose everything there.

“The admirable people in whom the system personifies itself are well known for not being what they are; they become great men by stooping below the reality of the smallest individual, and everyone knows it”—Guy Debord

“Crack is whack.”—Whitney Houston

“If you had to name the devil?”

Nothing 2 Loose employs détournement through a Whitney Houston interview with Diane Sawyer. Undoubtedly, feeling the pressures as a gem in the crown of the spectacle, Whitney plays the part and denies her reality. A victim of cultural munchausen by proxy, her false image is her lifeblood and jailor. “I try to remember I don’t depend on anything” offers a voice on the record. Forget this and become vulnerable to compromise. Healing inherently implies the restoration and maintenance of wholeness. The coming together of things—mind and body, teacher and pupil, healer and healing. Taxation for participating in the spectacle is systematic and relentless separation. The fractured physical body and mind fail. Whitney dies. Cue Biopic.

“I feel all of this is a mirror that expands.
Everyone is free to mirror a part of themselves.
You can see yourself in the way you want to see something.”

As commodity completes its colonization of social life, we define ourselves by what we consume—the sum of things. For those of us who harbor a deep affinity and appreciation for the music, acquiring physical representations of our fandom is motivated by the ego. There is a lack of permanence in digital content. Technology is in flux—we do not yet know what digital narratives will survive. We seek objects with perceived permanence to become the relics of our life. I will not pass on to my children a flash drive. I hate when things gets lost.

“Histriocity—when a thing has history in it.”—Philip K. Dick

This is worth more than that because John F. Kennedy sneezed on it once. That’s historicity. Music can be shared instantly with a link. These bit size digital artefacts lack the vulnerability of physical forms. Like the music etched into the wax, the record and its house are vulnerable. Their health requires care and attention. With something to hold on to, connective tissue grows into the roots of a deeper relationship.

“I can’t really fuck too much with the new sincerity trend because that is young people trying to live an authentic life.”—Johan Kugelberg

Original vinyl pressings are always more than what is pressed into the grooves. There is metadata that stores information ones and zeroes can not. The packaging, the historical context, the artist’s story, everything that goes into creating the publication and everything that happens after. A rat pissed on the record. You get it signed by the artist. It warps in the summer heat. Information is gathered, aggregated and scaffolded into narratives that imbue idiosyncratic value. Fans not fortunate enough to buy a physical version are left with bootleg digital facsimiles of wax discs. What stories can those acquire?

“Thank you for your trust. It’s what makes me think we can heal each other. Because everything is everything.”

”The body of christ...” ...Amen

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